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Wedding Night

Hiccup went nervously into the room first.  He looked back and saw Merida was talking with a guard.

"Duncan, we’re not tae be disturbed for th’ rest o’ th’ night."

He nodded, a small grin on his face.  “Aye, milady.”, and walked off.

She walked into the room and saw Hiccup staring out the window, his fingers tapping the windowsill.  A devilish smirk crept across her face.  She knew he was nervous, as was she.  But the rush she felt when she thought about what they were about to do sent chills through her body.

Before he could react, she tackled him to the floor and wrenched his prosthetic off his leg. 

"Hey", he shouted.  She threw it across the room.  He heard it clattering to the floor.

"Uh, I’m pretty sure I need that to walk, Mer." 

She slammed him to the floor.  Glaring at him, her eyes dark, she leaned close to him.  A maniacal grin on her face.

"Lad, you’ll not be able to move much less walk once I’m through wit’ ye."

Hiccup chuckled nervously and turning his head toward the window, “Hey bud, I could use some help here”. 

Merida crossed her arms.  “Och, yer not goin’ tae start bawlin’ like a babby, are ye?”, she huffed. “and besides, yer friend’s in the stalls wit’ Angus, so he’ll not hear ye.”

He shrugged.  “Well, just don’t try to kill me, ok?” 

Merida reached under her dress and pulled out a small dirk from a scabbard, and waved it in front of is face.  He tensed up at the sight of it.  Leaning close to him, she whispered, “If I wanted to kill ye’, I wouldae done it a’ready”, giggling, she threw it over her shoulder.  It embedded itself with a thwack in the wall. 

They both closed their eyes and lost themselves in each other.

—next morning—

Hiccup stumbled out of the room, rubbing his arm.  Merida followed after running her fingers through her mass of hair.

She snuck up behind him and jumped on his back, throwing her hands over his eyes.

"Help, I"m blind." He shouted mockingly.  Merida jumped off him and hugged him tightly.  Hiccup leaned down and kissed her lovingly.

"You’re crazy, you know that."  She shrugged.  "I didnae hear ye complainin’."  He blushed slightly, scratching the back of his head.  She punched him in the arm, playfully.

"Ow, watch it. That’s still sore."  She giggled.

They walked down the hall, arms around each other.


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Too Old For Fairy Tales: Part Ten (Finale)


         When Merida finally did awake, the first person she saw was Hiccup sitting next to her. He was hunched over and fast asleep. But his hand stayed gripping hers tightly. Suddenly she felt terrible for running out into the snow, in her pajamas. He must have been worried sick. Merida began to sit up but that woke Hiccup right away.

       “Mer?” He whispered rubbing his eye with his other hand and sitting up. He still did not let go of her hand. Hiccup’s eyes settled on Merida and his features went from completely exhausted to complete relief. “Are you okay?” He asked reaching a hand out and cupping her cheek.

      Merida sat up a little more and laid her hand over his, “Yeh…Ahm alrigh. Are you?” She asked, her voice laced with concern. Her eyebrows narrowed and she leaned in a little closer to him.

      Hiccup gave her a small, weak smile, “Don’t worry about me, Mer. If you’re okay, I’m okay.” His thumb gently massaged her cheek and began to trace her features, finally stopping over her lips. Merida gave it a small kiss and Hiccup smiled a little more.

      “Hic? You said sometin back there. When yeh were carryin meh out o tha snow. Sumtin about..how yeh knew Jack was real.” Merida said, looking at Hiccup seriously. He made a heavy sigh, but his eyes never left hers.

      “Yes.” He said, “I know he is real.” He went on to explain what had happened that night when Jack came to him at the asylum and about how he was supposed to make her forget about Jack. “I’m so sorry, Mer.” He finished, “But I think I understand now. You were in love with him, weren’t you? That’s why you couldn’t let go?”

       Merida’s eyes fell, “Yeh..I was…” She bit her bottom lip slightly, “I..uh..I guess tha souns stupid…doesn it? I mean…the mos people he’s nah even real.”

       Hiccup squeezed Merida’s hand, “It’s not stupid, Mer.” He said, “He’s real. Other people are stupid. They’re too old for fairy tales. But you and me Mer, we’ll never be too old. I’ll keep believing as long as you do.” He smiled and kissed her cheek.

       The whole room was silent for a long time. “You…don’t still love him, do you? I mean like you used to?” Hiccup asked hopefully, his eyes gleaming.

      “No.” Merida answered instantly, “Before I met you…I needed Jack, the idea of him. But now…I know I only need to believe in him. But you….I need you for than anyone.” Hiccup couldn’t help himself, he leaned and gave Merida a long deep kiss.

     “What would I do if I never met you?” He asked when the kiss broke.

      Merida though about her answer, “Keep lookin fur meh.” She said. 

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Hiccup wasn’t one to get angry easily. He liked to think he was pretty even-tempered most of the time. And as long as it didn’t involve harm coming to Toothless or anyone else he loved, there really wasn’t much that caused him to experience extreme or intense emotion (in the negative sense, anyway). 

But as he looked down at his ruined sketches, the designs he had spent so long to carefully and painstakingly draw out, he couldn’t help but feel anger flare up inside his chest. He was trying to come up with a more efficient flying rig, one that could help Toothless move faster in the case of danger (or racing—whichever scenario happened to come first). He’d finally come up with a design he was quite proud of, and it had been no easy task. The details were very specific and complex, and he’d managed mapped them out perfectly. 

And now they were ruined. He’d come back to the DunBroch forge to find them covered in charcoal scribbles and jam stains. It didn’t take him long at all to figure out just who was responsible. By the time he’d gathered them into his arms and marched to the stables, his head was practically steaming

He tried to keep cool; he really did. Counted to ten and everything. But one look at the little blackberry jam-colored fingerprints smeared all across his meticulously drawn lines was enough to reignite his anger. He could take the pranks—honestly. He had been friends with the twins for years, after all. But pranks were supposed to be harmless in the long run. This time, damage had been done and Hiccup didn’t know if he could fix it. He hated not being able to fix things.

"Merida?" he called once he reached the stables. He tried to keep his voice as casual as possible, but he knew he’d failed the second Merida’s face popped out from Angus’s stall.

"Yeah, Hic? Is…everythin’ all right?" Her brow was drawn the slightest bit, indicating her concern.

Hiccup sighed. “No. Actually it’s not.” He thrust the papers toward her. “I spent all night on these.”

The redhead took the drawings and inspected them. “Er…what are they?”

"That’s the point!" he exclaimed, snatching them back. "They’re designs for a new saddle. They took me hours to come up with, and now you can’t even tell what they are!" The Viking became more and more heated as he talked, waving the papers in front of her. "Do you know how complicated this was? I don’t think I could redraw these if I spent two more all-nighters working on them. They’re ruined. And who do you think is responsible?”

Merida suddenly assumed a sheepish expression, a scarlet blush coloring her cheeks. She laughed nervously. “Kids, huh?” 

Immediately she spun on her heel and stomped off in the direction of the castle. “Booooys!”

Hiccup smirked. Wee devils, more like.

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Mericcup: Pain (make it extra angsty pls ;))


(I like the way you think >:D)

From this post. Still accepting!

                It’s not a quick punishment. Merida hears the grunts and cries that come from the square. Her hands fumble around the lock every once in a while, trying desperately to get out of her cell and just help Hiccup.

                “Hiccup!” she yells. “Hiccup!”

                Her cries are drowned out by his screams, and this time she hears the crack of the whip as it comes down. She winces, and she can only imagine the pain Hiccup is being put through.

                It’s a long time before the screaming from the square dies down, and Hiccup is dragged back into the cell by one of the Outcasts. He’s tossed carelessly in, his very bloody back slamming against the wall. Merida glares up at the Outcast before he slams the cell door shut on them. She doesn’t even take the tiny chance to lunge for the door before he locks it; Hiccup is much too important at this point. Merida leans down tentatively.

                “Hiccup,” she whispers. “Hiccup, ye’re alright now. The whip…it’s gone? Okay? It’s gone.” Am Ah reassurin’ him or mahself?

                “It hurts,” Hiccup mutters. “It hurts, Mer. Don’t make them mad. Don’t make them do this to you. I was stupid to make them mad enough to do this to me. Don’t make the same mistake.”

                “Hiccup, Ah won’t.”

                “You need to promise.”

                “Ah promise.”

                “Is my shirt still in here?” Hiccup asks. Merida nods, collecting it from the corner.

                “Rip it into strips and put it…put it on the cuts. It applies pressure, a-and pressure s-s-stops the bleeding s-some.”

                “Ah can’t promise this won’t hurt. Ye’re all torn up back here, an’ then they threw ye against the wall, an’—”

                “Anything is better than dying, Merida. Just – please.”

                Merida nods, gingerly ripping Hiccup’s green shirt into strips and pressing them down onto his back. The blood soaks through almost immediately. Merida bites her lip, eyes searching the cell for Hiccup’s vest.

                “Don’t—don’t rip the vest. Winter’s coming s-s-soon. You’re g-gonna need that when it g-g-gets cold,” he says to her.

                “Ye’re gonna need it more than Ah will, Hiccup,” Merida says. Hiccup sighs, immediately letting out a partially suppressed cry of pain.

                “I’m-I’m sorry.”

                “It’s alright.”

                Merida takes Hiccup’s hand in hers and leans against the wall. Don’t die on me, Hiccup. Please.

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Could you do something like Hiccup or Merida in Hospital, please.


"Miss DunBroch? He’s waking up now, if you’d like to come in."

Merida’s head shot up from the book she’d been reading (or trying to read—she was having a hard time concentrating) and she immediately stood, tossing the novel aside. She’d crossed the waiting room in four large paces and was racing down the crisp white corridor, leaving the nurse to catch up. When she finally spotted the familiar room number, she rushed to the door and pushed it open. 

He didn’t look any different than when she’d last visited, but as she approached the bedside, she noticed the restless movement under his eyelids. She moved closer, purposefully keeping her gaze away from his legs, and sat down slowly beside him. Her cerulean eyes watched his face intently as her hand sought out his. She’d been waiting days for this moment…

And simultaneously dreading it. 

Because once he was conscious enough, he was going to ask a question that she did not want to answer. She didn’t want anyone to have to answer it. It was not an answer that he should ever have to hear.  

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Chapter 4 – Broken Crown


A frown formed in her face.

A sword? A shield? What does this mean? Merida dropped to her knees and reached the things that waited in front of her. A low gasp escaped her mouth.

“What is this?” Merida whispered. Nothing made sense. The wisps were supposed to guide you to your fate, not to an empty field–well, nearly empty.

A sword. Nothing linked to this, specially this particular sword. It had some peculiar features that showed how the sword was made on another land.

A shield. No. If the sword didn’t make any sense then the shield would be even more pointless. She didn’t like shields. She barely used them. The sun and rain had already eliminated all the trace of a picture on it; just the shiny spark of metal against the sunlight was clear.

Her entire body collapsed to the ground. She expanded her legs across the grass while her hair flung all around her face and she closed her eyes trying to breathe without loosing her temper. She closed her eyes, trying to forget everyone and everything. She was doing the opposite thing a Viking was doing at that exact same moment.

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Making Friends


Oh dear. Hiccup and Merida are just being absolutely catty to each other. 

“Just think, the Red Death went through all that trouble when all it had to do was put you on top of a horse,” she smirked as she caught Hiccup’s horse and brought it back to him with arrogant ease. Her light blue eyes surveyed Hiccup up and down as the Viking mounted with some difficulty. “You’re not much of a rider, are you?”

Oh, you’re on, Hiccup thought, disgruntled.  You and your Thor-blasted horses versus me and Toothless in any race you can think of.  

Something of his thoughts must have shown in his expression.  The red-haired Highlander cocked her head to the side, playful intrigue giving her face an elfish cast as she gazed at him steadily, almost expectantly.

“We don’t have a lot of horses in Berk. The terrain isn’t good for them,” Hiccup said, turning his head away.  Think about the tribe, Hiccup reminded himself.  We need this trade to work. “If you’re not going to murder me,” Hiccup said, clearing his throat, “and we’re not going to town, then where are we going?” Even though he’d been distracted by Blueberry’s antics, there was no way the path they’d taken to get to the castle was this difficult.  He didn’t think the bridge would have carried the weight of all the Vikings plus their horses.

He thought he heard her sigh, but he couldn’t be sure.  “I thought you might appreciate a closer look at the countryside.”

“Oh, pretty,” Hiccup agreed with some asperity as the horses started off once more. “I just love trees and steep, narrow mountain trails.”

“You’re a picky hero,” the princess observed.  “How ever did you manage to kill the Red Death while you were complaining to it about the roads?”

Author’s Note: The next section of my fanfic has been giving me boatloads of trouble.  I know what needs to happen but it is just not flowing for the life of me. Sorry for the non-updates! Life’s been super busy lately >.< and it doesn’t help this section is giving me trouble.

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Viking Merida (I think I de-aged her… opps)

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